Some Birds Aren’t Friends

Let’s just say it. Breaking someone else’s stuff isn’t cool, even if they had broken it before.

Speaking of broken stuff my copy of Modern Warfare 2 broke. Cracked right down the center. I know 3 people this has happened too. It got me wondering why. So I went through all my games and noticed that the new packaging they use is eco friendly. You know, less plastic then the old ones. But because of it the little clip that holds the games in sucks! So I went through and moved all my new games into old boxes. Sometimes eco friendly isn’t the best option.


For the Birds

Harold: Dave, can I pose a somewhat abstract, purely hypothetical question?
Dave: Sure.
Harold: If you knew you were gonna die, possibly soon, what would you do?
Dave: Wow, I don’t know. Am I the richest man in the world?
Harold: No, you’re you.
Dave: Do I have a superpower?
Harold: No, You’re *you*.
Dave: I know I’m me, but do I have  superpower?
Harold: No, why would you have a superpower?
Dave: I don’t know, you said it was hypothetical.
Harold: Fine, yes, you’re really good at math.
Dave: That’s not a power, that’s a skill.
Harold: Okay, you’re good at math and you’re invisible. And you know you’re gonna die.
Dave: Okay, okay. That’s easy, I’d go to space camp.
Harold: Space camp?
Dave: Yeah, it’s in Alabama. It’s where kids go to learn how to become astronauts. I’ve always wanted to go since I was nine.
Harold: You’re invisible and you’d go to space camp?
Dave: I didn’t pick invisible, you picked invisible.
Harold: Aren’t you too old to go to space camp?
Dave: You’re *never* too old to go to space camp, dude.

To be honest I never wanted to go to space camp as a kid. But everyone has that random thing they want to do, like space camp. Say, climbing Mount Everest, or visiting every lighthouse in the country. I assume even birds have dreams. Just remember not everything can live up to your expectations. But you won’t know until you try. So it’s time to go do those things. Cheerio!

Collecting Hobbies

Lately I’ve been collecting hobbies. Play guitar in a girl band, PHP, french, bread artistry, piano, soccer, write a book, of course cycling. Do you think my list is diverse/long enough? Yeah I didn’t think so either. So I thought, hey motion graphics are super cool, I should know how to do that.

Luckily we seem to already own every computer program known to men, albeit a few years old on some. I decided to learn Apple’s program Motion first. Here is my proof of concept. I’m now beginning work on a full proper video. This took a couple of hours, so I imagine it will be a couple of weeks before I have the next video complete.

I would embed the file in this article but apparently wordpress knows better then I do so they trim my html down. Or I could to pay to upgrade or use one of their approved video websites. Yeah, vimeo isn’t approved. So, to see my proof of concept you can go here –> Success – Motion Graphics

Gonna go ride up to the gate on my single speed now. Have a safe holiday for you who also have it off. A la prochaine!


I found a comic strip I enjoyed last year. It had these great images with bright colors, but none of the comics were very funny. I loved it. The idea of making a comic that wasn’t always trying to make you laugh. I’ve only done a few but this is my bird series. Ah the life of a blue bird.

First Post in a Long Time

Hello again! It’s been a while, well actually a year. Life moves so fast. Well I am wanting to get back into actually writing. There are quite a few things I’ve been writing in a notebook and I figure this is as good a place as any to put them.

So here’s what you will start seeing, a huge jumbled mess. Yep, that’s what you will see. I know, they say never write a blog that doesn’t stick to a specific purpose, but at this moment in life I’m going to break that rule.

Book Scenes – I would love to write a book, so you will see a lot of scenes from different books, because I can’t even stick to one book, I’m always having different scenes pop into my head so you’ll be getting a bunch of different ones. I like to think that some day there will be enough of one books scenes that I’ll just have to write the in between spots. We’ll see. Maybe that’s a horrible way to write a book, but it’s how my brain is working.

Articles – You will also see multiple articles. I would also love to write for a magazine. But once again I’m all over the place. So there will be themes ranging from Should we Still Have Health Care, to How do you Pick a Check Out Line, and of course cycling specific, like What Happened to the American Glove Manufactures. I know that is an absolute jumbled mess as I mentioned, but I think it will help me clear out my head.

So a Reintroduction of me by the Numbers

I’ve lived in Utah for 10 years, I’ve been married for 5 of those, owned my 12,00 sq ft home for 3 years, and have 0 children by choice. I have had 5 jobs since moving to Utah Valley 3 years ago. I attended 4 universities before finally sticking to one school long enough to graduate in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. There are 3 of us living in my home, myself, husband, and bro-in-law. Between the 3 of us we have started 5 companies, and stuck to 2, not to mentioned the dozens we plan to still try out. I personally am about to attempt number 2. I have worked in the bicycle industry for almost 2 years, which is the best industry by the way, and own 4 1/2 bikes (half because I share a bmx with my hubby, I just haven’t gotten my own yet). All together we have 9. If there is 1 thing in life I truly believe it’s that life is always getting better.

If you’re in Utah Valley come join up with Timpanogos Cyclery for some snowshoeing. (May I just note, I do not work for Timp, but I do love finding an activity with other cyclists in the winter) They are Thursday at 6. If you’re not in the valley but would like to get out for a good romp in the snow consider this instead.

So welcome to 2010. Enjoy the ride.

Crashing Sucks

Yesterday I was biking home from school.  It was cold so I was to lazy to plug in my light, and because it was so cold I have to wear glasses in order to keep my eyes open.  Of course I don’t own any clear glasses and the ones I have change color which is usually great but when it is cold they go a rather dark blue. You can probably see what I’m leading up to, dark glasses, no light and lets throw in a big chunk of ashpalt.  I never saw it coming and there was no way I was could roll over it even if I had.

Instead I flipped over my handlebars at 18 mph, it’s okay though I took the fall with my body not the bike.  Cracked my helmet and jammed my finger real good other then that bumps and brusies on most of my body but no blood and no breaks so I’m pretty happy with it.

It was my first fall on a road bike, and you know what they say, you can’t get better at falling without falling. So heres to learning.

Presenting: The New Syndicate Team Bikes

So I was emailing back and forth with Doug at Santa Cruz.  He is their mechanic and has been helping the guys with their new bikes at their rider camp (which is over now).  Peaty, Josh Bryceland and Greg Minnar where there to test out their new rides.  Doug said “The riders are very happy with their new bikes!”. Yep, very happy.  And I made their custom rings on their grips (well no I didn’t make them, Aaron did, I just got them all set up) so next time you see a band new pic look at their grips.

You can read more about their new bikes and the rider camp on Santa Cruz’s website.

They seem to be very good on the board...

They seem to be very good on the board...