The Mule on the Mountain

Camelbak Mule

After my trip down the mountain where I successfully fell flat on my face, well more on my shoulder and the top of my head. I asked Kerry how to make my Mule taste less disgusting. “Use mouthwash” he said. Supposedly it’s what the military does, it helps keep out the germs. Of course he’s probably just yanking my chain, it is Kerry after all. But still mouthwash huh? Does that mean I don’t have to rinse my mouth with it anymore? I mean it will already be in my pack. I sure hope so.

So I decided to try it out. Well on the upside it doesn’t taste like plastic, on the downside it now tastes like citrus Listeriene. Oh well you can’t win ’em all. So my new idea is to rinse it out a ton and go through a couple of 3 liters on it and hopefully the citrus taste will be a little less strong. Still I’d rather have a citrusy clean mouth then plasticy clean.

Now the Mule on the mountain? Satisfying. The only down side is weight. Of course it weighs more then a racing pack that only carries water like Jon’s, but as long as I don’t fill it too full of water this is not a problem (and if I remember to take all of my commuter stuff out, book, sandwhich, etc.). I figure really it is just making me stronger. This way when I start racing and use a lighter pack it will be like shedding pounds off the bike. Oh yeah.

I give it a thumb and two pinkies up.


2 responses to “The Mule on the Mountain

  1. I was playing with one of these at the bike shop last weekend but it seemed a bit pricey.

    Now I’m going back to pick one up…thanks to your writeup.

    I read all your blogs…well done.

    Will you give me your permission to link to your blogs from a new Santa Cruz website?

  2. The Camelbak Mule is an Awesome pack. I picked one up from at place called They have Great prices and a good customer service. I never go without my Camelbak. I also have been using their new Elixer which comes in Lemon Lime, Orange or Rasberry. It is quite refresshing and has no sugar content so it doesn’t leave a sugar resadue in the reservoir. You may want to give it a try for a varity as opposed to Mouthwash LOL

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