Girl with the Pink Glasses

Specialized Singletrack – $110.00

What attracted me to these glasses in the first place? They were pink. Now I’m not super girly, in fact I don’t think I even own anything pink beyond a bikini, but these were sweet. In my head I could see it all, they said, “I will go faster than you on any ride.” I could see the girl who wears these. It’s the rider who comes up behind you on the hardest spot and says passing left in the sweetest voice. Oh yes I wanted to be her. But I couldn’t swallow the $140 price tag.

Rockin pink glasses with adaptalite lenses... brilliant

Rockin pink glasses with adaptalite lenses... brilliant

A couple of months later my chance came for these glasses. I received the Captain America glasses, which are also cool but much to big, so I exchanged them for the Singletrack. I was blown away the first time wearing them. I will never be able to go back. These glasses are well worth the price tag. Specialized uses adaptalite lens, I’m sure you can guess from the name what they do. As you move from darker to lighter spots on a trail, or say as night comes on the lens adapt to the amount of light coming through them. Basically what it comes down it is, you can always see. Even as the sun goes down and you would take normal sunglasses off you can keep these on. I just couldn’t believe how great they worked. They has a smaller design perfect for, you guessed it, smaller faces like ours.

Here is the other thing that I love about them, they make everything look more beautiful. It is astounding how a landscape that is drab or depressing all of a sudden gets a face lift by just putting these glasses on. I know it sounds crazy but I have add multiple people try them out and they agree. Color are more vibrant, and the air are you digging this air… sorry I was having a Stimutax moment. Any way the color thing still holds true.

Of course even the best product has flaws. Temperature drops effect the color of the lenses, say during the winter, the lens goes a dark blue. The whole “more beautiful” thing doesn’t apply with the dark blue tint. When I get really sweaty they begin to fog up, annoying but at the same time it is so much better then most sunglasses because of the vents on the sides on the lens. The other, that is a plus and minus, is how tight they fit on your head. If I wear them while I am not riding they will give me a head ache, but when you are on the bike you never have to worry about them being bounced off, it simply will not happen, and because you are focused on the ride you don’t notice how tight they are. I have never had a head ache while I was riding with them. In the end even with the price tag if I ever break these I will pay to have glasses that rock as hard as these do again.

I give them an A and 20 gold stars.


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