My Grips Sucked and so Might Yours

Lizard Skins Lock-on North Shore – $24.99

I never noticed anything wrong with my grips.  Until one day Jon said, “hey do these bother you?  They are pretty crappy.”  No, well I don’t think so… Huh, maybe he was right.  Was something wrong with my grips?  I decided to ignore it and continue riding as if the conversation had never happened… But it did happen.  All of a sudden my grips that seemed fine the day before twisted under my hand, and what were those annoying black spots all over my hands, did I always have to push these back on as they slipped off?  Okay he was right, they sucked. So I decided to get some new grips

Mine are the black ones.

I went for the Lock-on North Shore grips from Lizard Skins.  The anodized rings have a Lizard Skins logo on them.  I could immediately tell the difference.  The material is so grippy, but not sticky even after a couple of hours on the bike.   And the twisting?  Gone, try as I might it wouldn’t budge.  And an added bonus, no more black stuff on my hands.  I did find out later that I got grips that say they are good for big hands, which mine aren’t all that big.  They haven’t been uncomfortable to ride, but now I’m interested to try out a smaller pair.  I’ll write about a smaller one when I get them.

Installation was a snap once I figured out the right way to do it.  I had a hard time getting the rings onto the actual grip.  I didn’t seem to have enough strength, and then I was nervous I would brake them if I gave it everything I’ve got.  So… I called Kerry.  He told me that people that way only 100lbs (which by the way I’m little but I’m not that little) are simple not proportionally built to force the rings on.  “Sorry,” he said, “your just to small.”  So I showed him.  I used a desk and pushed down with all my weight.  Ha, take that Kerry, to small.  Of course before I got to that point I tried to first put the grips on without the rings, which I realize now was silly but because there were no instructions I was just guessing and the rings aren’t already on the grips.  After I realized the rings have to go on first everything went smoothly and I haven’t had to think of them since, except when I think of them fondly.


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