Not Your Father’s Water Bottle

Polar Bottle insulated water bottle 24oz.  – $11.99

Sitting on a bench in a park I took a drink of cool water while considering what to write about.  Normally if you are sitting outside in 97 degree weather your water isn’t cool anymore, it’s uncomfortably hot, but mine still is cool. Epiphany hit.  I was drinking from the insulated Polar Bottle water bottle.  I get questions about it all the time when I take it places with me,
“why does it look that way?” someone might ask.
“That’s insulation to keep it cool,” I respond.
“No it’s just to make you curious, of course really.”  Sometimes I just don’t understand peoples questions.  Be more reasonable and say something like, “huh, that’s cool, how/does it work?”  Then I can respond more politely by saying, “I have no freaking idea.”  And it’s the truth.  There is clear plastic on the outside which you can see the insulation through and then a piece of plastic on the inside so your water never actually touches the insulation.  Now I’ve theorized about this before and the best I’ve come up with is that all the layers working together helps to keep the heat out.

Polar Bottles contain no BP-A (which is not healthy for you) and is made completely of LDPE Plastic #4 (which is completely recyclable).  So with all the concerns about how safe your plastic is, it is comforting to know that Polar Bottles are EPA approved.  So with LDPE Plastic #4 ( that’s quite a mouth full) what about plastic flavor leeching into the water, you might wonder?  Well I’m not good at that kind of thing (considering I’m still using a Camelbak that tastes distinctly like citrus listerine) so I had some other people test it for me.  All but one have had no problem, that one tester said it was much to plasticky, of course she admitted later that pretty much anything plastic is to plasticky for her.  So I’m ruling her out and going for the it’s not bad on the flavor.  The Polar Bottle is now only $11.99 eash so much better then just a year ago when it was somewhere in the $20.  Still you might wonder is it worth buying something that is normally given away like t-shirts at a basketball game (huh or water bottles at a basketball game).  But having a cool drink of water when you are, say riding a century, makes life so much easier.  Now don’t think it keeps it ice cold, cause it doesn’t, but it does keep it cool, which is more then you can say for most bottles after sitting in the sun for 10 minutes.  In fact, I think I’ll test that theory and get back to you…

And the line up is a thermos made in China (a freebie from the ADA), a Cannondale bottle from HR (not sure what that is), the insulate Polar from Boulder Colorado, a Eddie Bauer lexan bottle from China and lastly a LeMond bottle by Trek made in Taiwan.  Who will be the one to win the coolest bottle (in more ways then one)?  Alright, I put two and a half cups of water into each (except for the thermos which spilled all over me when I tried to put the cap on) and to make sure each was close to the same temperature I check each.
Starting at roughly the same temp:
Thermos – 78.6°
Cannondale – 79.5°
Polar – 79.5°
Bauer – 79.3°
LeMond – 79°

After 20 minutes while I played a good game of sudoku and helped Jon get unpacked from Moab I checked the bottles.  The results stood like this.
Thermos – 86° +7.4
Cannondale – 89.2° +9.7
Polar – 86.2° +6.7
Bauer – 90.9° +11.6
LeMond – 90.5 +11.5

Now the Thermos doesn’t really count.  I was just curious (which crazy enough the Polar still did better then it).  So the Polar ended 6.7° warmer and was the coolest by three whole degrees.  That may not seem like much but when you start considering say a one or even two hour bike ride those °’s add up.  With lots of colors to chose from you can even personalize your bottle.  The Polar has been 100% worth the purchase, even when it was near $20.  Do youself a favor go to your local bike store and get one of these… now….


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