The Other Lizard Skins Grips – Peaty

Lock-on Peaty Grips Lizard Skins – $24.99

A quick thought:

After finding out Northshore grips are a large diameter I wanted to try out a smaller sized grips, seeing as my hands are in fact rather small.  I decided to try out a pair of Peaty’s, graphite with red rings.  They come in white, and I’ve seen black on Santa Cruz bikes.  But I think the graphite is hot and doesn’t get dirty as quickly as, say, white.

They are a much better size for my little hands, and really quiet comfortable.  I always ride with gloves so I can’t say if they get sticky but they are nice and grippy with gloves and like the Northshores keep a firm hold on the bar.  One thing I’ve noticed is the Peaty’s fell a little more plush. So before you buy, consider your hand size and personal preference.


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