In Her Shoes

Women’s BG Taho MTB Shoe – $73.00

With two puncture wounds and blood slowly dripping down my leg yet again “Ugh,” I decided It was time for some real biking shoes.  I still ride platform pedals on the mountain because I’m to much of a pansy to switch to clipless.  I don’t like having one more thing to think/worry about on the trail.  For a long time I just used Pumas with no tread and a soft sole.  As you can imagine I slipped off constantly, always hitting myself with my behemoth pedals.  Yep it was time for a change.

Beth rides the Taho which is why I looked at these in the first place.  She recommended them, I was on my way to a ride and the shop had my size. Kismet? Maybe.  Have I been satisfied?  Absolutely.  Heave duty, killer tread and if I ever decide to man up (well woman up) I could pop out the little plastic piece on the bottom and ta da clipless.  Also according to Specialized the BG series (which stands for Body Geometry) are made to correct alignment and support key points on your foot.  They say we were made to walk not bike so we naturally lose power by the way our bodies are made.  I don’t know… I think I was made to bike…  Either way if it really helps to increase my power, which it has but I don’t know if that is just because I rode shoes that were terrible for biking or because they are truly superior.

Well it’s not flawless but choosing to not clip in never is.  I still sometimes slip off but rarely.  I rode Porcupine Rim and Blackhawk in Payson with these shoes.  They were as great as not clipping in can get, easy dismount (even when going over your handle bars, maybe especially then) and it gives a good solid hold over both technical up and downhill.  These shoes cling to my pedals.  I’ve noticed that sometimes the grab is so good that if I try to push my foot forward slightly on the pedal to get a different hold it is hard, which can be a problem, I have to lift my foot off the pedal a little to move.

But in the end no matter how much I try to deny it, it is time to move to clipless, it seems like it would be pretty hard to race without them.  Luckily for me I can and will do just that with these shoes.  I’d love to hear your story of going clipless and if you are for or against it on the mountain and why.  Now where are those clipless cleats…


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