The Bag of Choice? Basil.

Eurobike, and all expos for that matter, are great. Why? you might wonder. Well I’ll tell you, it’s the free stuff. Sure we all like meeting new people and seeing the latest and greatest inventions. But what we really want is swag.

For three days I watched as everyone walked by free bags in hand. Of course I didn’t have much time to wander so instead I looked at everyone else’s bag so I could just go to the booth of my choice and get my own awesome bag. There was one that stood out. The Basil bag. It was so beautifully ridiculous. Brad and Brian that it was hideous, but they were dead wrong. It was the bag to have.

So I finally made my way over to Basil before the show started on Sunday (the last day) and what did they tell me? “Sorry we ran out yesterday.” Oh how devastated I was! But my natural feminine instincts/sales background kicked in. “Well do you have a business card? Here’s mine. I really love you stuff.” Well he went in back to get me one of his business cards and what did he come back with? A bag, my very own, personal, basil bag. “We only have six left,” he said. He made me promise to leave right then and tell everyone that I got it yesterday at 10am. So I did. But I figure that now that Eurobike is over I can share. So check them out, because seriously their bags rocked. Cheers.

Basil Love

And more Basil

And more Basil


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