Diaries from Germany

I recently found my stories I wrote while in Germany, I figured now is as good a time to throw them up for your reading enjoyment.

Tuesday Sept. 2/ Wednesday Sept. 3 (they blurred together because of the time change)

The landscape comes slowly into sharper focus.  It was beautiful, the fields were a patch work quilt with to much batting stuffed in.  White houses with red roofs dotted the hillside.  “The hilllls are alivvvve with the sound of muusiccc…” (shakes head confused) sorry I was having a Julie Andrews moment there.  I think breaking into song may have freaked out my fellow passengers.  So I cuddle in closer to the window and watch as Germany slips by.

We made it out of the plane and to Freidrichshafen smoothly enough.  So now it’s time to set up the booth.  Of course none of the three of us had set it up or tore it down while we were in the States (we had seen it, that’s good enough, right? Right?…)  Some how we seemed to be missing quiet a few parts, not to mention that we didn’t think to put a step ladder, drill or stools in at all.  Of course here is the nice thing about being a girl in an industry full of guys.  “Hey I’m just next door, do you have a drill I could borrow?”, “Yeah I’m just over there, do you think I could borrow your ladder?”  

In the end I got to meet our very nice neighbors and we made due with what we had for the booth.  I met Blue Seventy, http://www.blueseventy.com/.  They are “open water swimming specialist”, they make a very good looking wet suit.  I asked Ben, my new buddy from Blue Seventy, what made them good/different from other suits.  “Let me tell you,” he had tons of good reasons that made perfect sense at the moment, but I simply don’t remember them.  What I do remember is that it came down to where the seams were placed.  Because of the shapes they followed on the body it actually effected how you moved through the water.  

I find it crazy how much attention to detail we give every product in the industry.  We are now so far along you can’t just put something on because it looks good.  Louis Sullivan first coined the term, “form follows function.”  Meaning that nothing is done without thinking on how it effects the function of a product (buildings in Sullivan’s case).  I believe that is true of the biking industry.  

I was glancing at Blue Seventy’s site (which is in english by the way) and their product was on the winner of the 10K at the Beijing Olympics and on a bunch of athletes at Kona’s Ironman.  Great work guys!

We made it through set up in fairly good time and headed out to our hotel.  And of course, the moment I take over on directions, something goes wrong.  I mean how hard can it be getting from Freidrichshafen to … someplace I can’t actually remember the name of.  Yeah trouble from the beginning.  It started out well enough.  I mean I was able to get us un-lost and onto the 30. But it went quickly downhill from there.

You see all you have to do is get on the 30 and take it till you hit the 32 then stay on that until said unknown city.  Well the 32 was further then we expected, “hey the 32, ah crap we missed it.”  Okay, simple enough, U-turn get on the 32 and good to go.  Or not so good.  24 km later, and not recognizing a single city, I had the horrible realization that we were in fact heading the wrong way.  Turns out we were almost to Austria by that time.  So I happily relinquish the map to Brad, while Brian went into a gas station to get proper instructions. Total travel time 2 hrs. 45 min.  Welcome to Germany.


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