Epic, Era and a Ridiculous Looking Bike

Forgive the jump. Today we are moving forward to Interbike’s Demo Days.

Demo Day’s Jon and I were only able to hit for a few hours before I had to run back for dinner with my French distributor.  So I only got to ride a couple of bikes.  One a Trek Fuel EX 8.something WSD, which I’ll pass over for the moment, the other Specialized’ Era.

Era in front and Epic in back

Jon and I hurried into line after we checked the list.  Stumpjumper, FSR, Epic. Bingo! But what about the girls?  I wanted to ride the Era. But no one ever seemed to have it.  Please, I thought, as I glanced down the line Safire, Era. Yes success.  Now I just had to hope they would have it in my size (I didn’t ride what I wanted at Trek because they only had a large, and that is pushing it for me.)  

So over to the line we went. I love being a girl in the cycling industry.  Sorry to any one who wants to talk about perfect equality of sexes in the job, but your dead wrong if you have never walked into a cycling industry expo.  Here we girls are greatly out numbered.  And you know what?  I’m alright with that.  You can usually get what you want, and if you fall or make a fool of yourself people seem to find you endearing.

Anyway off the subject.  So they took our cards and said just what I was desperately hoping. “Yep we have it.”  Yes! Success again.  So we waited in another line for both of our bikes to be tuned and then sized by the Specialized team.  Let me just say, the half hour or so in line was well worth the wait.  I would have stood in line all day if I could have taken it home. 

The Epic

So Jon and I saddled up and headed out to the course.  I was a little nervous because, of course, I had gone down on the Trek.  Not hard, the only thing wounded was my ego.  But still you don’t want to do that again.  So at first I moved around skittishly.  Wow, did this bike perform.  I have to sing its praise here.  I made it down a steep incline with a technical drop, no sweat.  (I know it seems strange that you could find anything technical in Nevada but my proof is the sign saying beware technical drop ahead, or something to that effect.)  I even made it down and mostly up a steep section.  I would have made it all the way, on the Era it was simple, I didn’t have to pedal till near the top.  My problem was my choice of pants (jeans in fact) to ride in.  When going down the first hill I got way behind the seat to keep stable, as I moved to slid forward I hit my pants on the back of the seat.  Needless to say I couldn’t get back on top of the bike for the uphill so down I went.  Everyone was sweet and tried to make sure I was okay and there I was laughing my head off.  What a great bike!  “Yep, I’m okay!” I yelled as I picked up the bike and hurried on along the course.  

Okay enough about how a loved it.  Here are the tech specs.  The rear and front shock have a brian with the brian fade (which is you read my article about the Safire you already know I love).  The fade worked flawlessly.  I don’t like a squishy bike, but this gave me what I needed when I did.  Front and rear brakes are Custom Avid Ultimate SL Mag., not sure what the custom part is about. Derailleur are Shimano.  M971 XTR front, RD-M972 rear.  Basically it has good product on a excellent bike.

So, if you are a cross country person, you will love both the Era and the Epic bikes.

A Different Sort of Bike

Now I know many of you have asked yourself this question.  I know I have.  What would it look like if you mixed a bicycle with a snow-shovel?  Well wonder no more!  Introducing.  Drum roll please…

Snow-shovel Seat Bike

A bike that I have no idea the name of or the brand.  So we will fondly refer to it as Snow-Shovel Seat Bike. Look at those lines, and the seat! Now you might be wondering, “But won’t my fat A’ slide off?”  Never fear I can’t believe you will be able to pick up the speed for it to hurt anything around you to much when you topple.  Okay so I had to stop and take a picture because I could not believe how ridiculous it looked.  Pass along my way if you know the actual bike company and bike name.  Until next time hit the trails before the snow moves in.


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