How To: Build a Pump Track pt. 1

Does your backyard look like this?


Boring fancy pants backyard

I know what your thinking. Clean slate at best.  What you really want is this.


Awesome pump track backyard

Lets determine if you heart is in the right place to have a pump track.  Answer these questions.

1. Do you come home longing to get on the bike, but heart sick because you know it will be dark by the time you get to the mountains?

2.  When you are sitting at work do you dream about having your park/bmx bike with you so you could preform tricks in back… by the dumpster… where it’s beautiful?

And finally

3. Do you look out your kitchen window and feel disgusted when you see garden gnomes looking back at you?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions it is time to move on to the the first stage on planning.  If you answered no then enjoy this instead:

Planning to Pump

The first thing to consider when building a pump track is space.  Count off your backyard. Is it at least 50 paces?  If not you are going to have a hard time with the design.  But even small or misshapen backyards can make amazing pump tracks.  Consider ours:


It is easy to see that a normal squarish shaped track will not fit in this spot. But after many toiless hours and lines drawn on the ground we happened upon this shape. 


In our case the “tilted A connecting the ends to the line in the middle” was the only plausible shape.  Once you have the basic shape it is time to move to the next phase, adding pump to your track.

Until then get some snowbiking in.


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