Crashing Sucks

Yesterday I was biking home from school.  It was cold so I was to lazy to plug in my light, and because it was so cold I have to wear glasses in order to keep my eyes open.  Of course I don’t own any clear glasses and the ones I have change color which is usually great but when it is cold they go a rather dark blue. You can probably see what I’m leading up to, dark glasses, no light and lets throw in a big chunk of ashpalt.  I never saw it coming and there was no way I was could roll over it even if I had.

Instead I flipped over my handlebars at 18 mph, it’s okay though I took the fall with my body not the bike.  Cracked my helmet and jammed my finger real good other then that bumps and brusies on most of my body but no blood and no breaks so I’m pretty happy with it.

It was my first fall on a road bike, and you know what they say, you can’t get better at falling without falling. So heres to learning.


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