Collecting Hobbies

Lately I’ve been collecting hobbies. Play guitar in a girl band, PHP, french, bread artistry, piano, soccer, write a book, of course cycling. Do you think my list is diverse/long enough? Yeah I didn’t think so either. So I thought, hey motion graphics are super cool, I should know how to do that.

Luckily we seem to already own every computer program known to men, albeit a few years old on some. I decided to learn Apple’s program Motion first. Here is my proof of concept. I’m now beginning work on a full proper video. This took a couple of hours, so I imagine it will be a couple of weeks before I have the next video complete.

I would embed the file in this article but apparently wordpress knows better then I do so they trim my html down. Or I could to pay to upgrade or use one of their approved video websites. Yeah, vimeo isn’t approved. So, to see my proof of concept you can go here –> Success – Motion Graphics

Gonna go ride up to the gate on my single speed now. Have a safe holiday for you who also have it off. A la prochaine!


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