For the Birds

Harold: Dave, can I pose a somewhat abstract, purely hypothetical question?
Dave: Sure.
Harold: If you knew you were gonna die, possibly soon, what would you do?
Dave: Wow, I don’t know. Am I the richest man in the world?
Harold: No, you’re you.
Dave: Do I have a superpower?
Harold: No, You’re *you*.
Dave: I know I’m me, but do I have  superpower?
Harold: No, why would you have a superpower?
Dave: I don’t know, you said it was hypothetical.
Harold: Fine, yes, you’re really good at math.
Dave: That’s not a power, that’s a skill.
Harold: Okay, you’re good at math and you’re invisible. And you know you’re gonna die.
Dave: Okay, okay. That’s easy, I’d go to space camp.
Harold: Space camp?
Dave: Yeah, it’s in Alabama. It’s where kids go to learn how to become astronauts. I’ve always wanted to go since I was nine.
Harold: You’re invisible and you’d go to space camp?
Dave: I didn’t pick invisible, you picked invisible.
Harold: Aren’t you too old to go to space camp?
Dave: You’re *never* too old to go to space camp, dude.

To be honest I never wanted to go to space camp as a kid. But everyone has that random thing they want to do, like space camp. Say, climbing Mount Everest, or visiting every lighthouse in the country. I assume even birds have dreams. Just remember not everything can live up to your expectations. But you won’t know until you try. So it’s time to go do those things. Cheerio!


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