I started biking five years ago while I was still just dating Jon.  I enjoyed it and it was a great hobby.  It wasn’t until this year ( 2008 ) that I would say it became a real passion.  I got to know the guys at Bike Peddler really well and took a job with Lizard Skins in Utah. Between the two I have easy access to a lot of product.

I also love writing. I’ve flirted with the idea of writing professionally off and on but never really found something that I wanted to write about.  Once the above mentioned happened I realized what a perfect opportunity I had here.  How often does a person get to put together two things they love?  So I started GirlCycling.  I hope you find it useful and amusing rather you are a guy or girl, professional or just starting out.

Lastly I’m excited to announce that both Jon and I plan to start racing this coming spring.  Jon will be doing 24 hours of Moab this October and in November we are heading down to Costa Rica to experience La Ruta de los Conquistadores (which we both plan to ride next year).

So I hope you enjoy the blog and gain some insight into the biking world. If there is a product you are simply dieing to find out about let me know and I’ll get my hands on it.  Until then keep the wind behind you and happy riding.


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